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Unosoft HY-solution-100ml



UnoSoft HY-100ml- is a multifunctional solution hyaluronic acid.

When ordering under BGN 30.00 the delivery is BGN 4.00

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UnoSoft HY-100ml-Effectively moisturizes and eliminates agents disinfects, cleans, moisturizes and stores all soft and colored contact lenses, including silicone-hydrogel. Made a formula for offering a unique balance effective antibacterial action, exceptional comfort and long-lasting hydration. Cleaning is quick and easy - no scrubbing. The kit contains sterile container lenses. Storing the contact lenses in saline solution of hyaluronic acid provides additional comfort during the first hours of wear.

You can contact lenses to replace the glasses?
You can contact lenses to replace the glasses?

Contact lenses are very fine transparent flakes that have optical power to correct vision abnormalities: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. They are equivalent to the old parent - glasses, but have significant advantages: not restrict the field of vision, not sweaty or wet from rain, no dazzle, and do not change appearance.