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EasySept -solution


: Bausch & Lomb : Bausch & Lomb
EasySept - is a hydrogen peroxide one step system from Bausch & Lomb. Pack of 360 ml.
When ordering under BGN 30.00 the delivery is BGN 4.00
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EasySept is a sterile solution to store soft contact lenses in. It cleans, disinfects and neutralises the lenses in a single step. In just six hours EasySept cleans the lenses effectively and has a moisturising function that helps the lenses to stay moist and comfortable all day.Disinfect lenses by using the catalyst plate in the included carry case in combination with EasySept. After six hours neutralization is complete and the peroxide is converted into a neutral saline. Never insert the lenses directly into the eye before the peroxide solution has been neutralized because it will cause a burning sensation and can potentially damage the eye. Never use EasySept directly in the eye or without the included case. If you do get unneutralized solution in your eye, immediately rinse the lens and the eye with saline or tap water.

You can contact lenses to replace the glasses?
You can contact lenses to replace the glasses?

Contact lenses are very fine transparent flakes that have optical power to correct vision abnormalities: myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. They are equivalent to the old parent - glasses, but have significant advantages: not restrict the field of vision, not sweaty or wet from rain, no dazzle, and do not change appearance.